You worry about someone who lives alone...
• So you arrange for us to call them on set days and times.
• They answer the phone and talk to us for a while.
• If they don't, we notify a designated person by email or text.
• You feel better, knowing your loved one is okay when you can't call.

Welcome to LollyCall

A check-in service for people who aren't in regular contact with another person. We call your loved one on a schedule.
If they don't answer after three tries, a designated person is notified.
That person decides what action to take.

LollyCall takes no action other than notifying a designated person.
We are NOT a substitute for dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Contact us for pricing, based on number of contacts and term of service.

We're invested in your loved one's well-being.
You're with them as often as possible.
We're there when you can't be.
We pause service if they're away and offer flat fees when you travel.
Military, First Responder, and Teacher discounts (active or retired).
We partner with you to communicate care.
So everyone has peace of mind.
We go beyond a call, we connect.

Who We Are


We're the LollyCall Family, nice to meet you! Our mission is to positively impact our communities, while paying our bills. Our team is fully distributed, to save money and keep rates as low as we can. That means we don't have an office, but we do have oversight! Our team members are assigned specific contacts, so strangers aren't calling your loved one. There's more than one, in case backup is needed, but never more than four so your loved one will remember them. Our team is monitored, to ensure they're providing the best possible experience for your loved one. We'll ask their permission to monitor our calls.


Lolly's an allegorical figure. She represents anyone we love and worry about because they live alone (like grandparents, parents, siblings). The idea for Lolly came about after our friend's 85 year old mother, who lives alone, repeatedly fell and was unable to reach a phone (she didn't always wear her MedicAlert necklace). Once, she waited many hours until Meals on Wheels notified her family that she didn't answer when they came. Our friend realized, not everyone has someone checking on them daily. That's when she thought of LollyCall. We're so glad she did! Our loved ones don't want to lose their independence, but we can't always call them every day. So, say hello to LollyCall!

Who Lolly Is